Cheerleading is a rigorous sport that requires both mental and physical strength. There are so many kids in the Triangle taking cheerleading classes and the value for both children alike are unprecedented.

Our team at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance Company has seen how much cheerleading can impact a child. They can learn teamwork and camaraderie, as well as so much more.

4 things every child can gain from cheerleading classes are:

● Creates a positive attitude: In cheerleading, smiling is required, the same goes for dance. Many studies have shown that smiling almost immediately boosts one’s mood.

● Builds strength and flexibility while having fun: Cheerleading and dance both require agility, and flexibility to perform a variety of stunts and moves. However, the complex nature of the routines and moves can distract from the fact that dance is indeed a workout.

● Improves leadership skills: Cheerleading is perfect for building relational team-oriented skills in youth. Not only this, but practice involves aspects of accountability, trust, and communication that are highly valued in today’s workplace which are great skills to start teaching children now.

● Improves coordination: Both dance and cheerleading require mindfulness and coordination in order to execute a routine. Studies have shown that those with coordination perform better in many other academic and physical activities.

Many families get excited about starting their kids in cheerleading but then get overwhelmed by the number of options for cheerleading classes. We want to make that process easier you’re your family.

To begin experiencing the benefits of dance for your child contact Hillsborough Cheer and Dance Company today.