It may not seem like it, but cheerleaders and dancers tend to get a lot of injuries. As agile and powerful as their bodies are, it’s still easy to push it too far and get injured. At Hillsborough Cheer and Dance, we are aware of this and work with our athletes, staff, and parents to keep our dancers safe and healthy.

Here are some common cheer and dance injuries and ways to avoid them:

  1. Pulled muscles: We see pulled muscles happen a lot. Usually, they’re caused by not enough warming up/stretching or when our athletes push themselves too hard.
  2. Blisters: Few things are as annoying as blisters. Fortunately, they’re fairly easy to avoid by taping or using anti-chafing balms on areas prone to blisters.
  3. Sprains and twists: Usually, when athletes sprain or twist a joint it is a misstep or a rough tumble. We work hard to make sure our athletes use proper technique and don’t do anything they aren’t ready to do in order to minimize those injuries.
  4. Lower back pain: All the flips and twists can sometimes lead to lower back pain. This can be prevented by proper stretching and getting into the habit of using core muscles rather than depending on back muscles.
  5. More serious injuries: Unfortunately, sometimes more serious injuries such as broken bones or concussions can happen. The only way to prevent it is through a team approach that focuses on the health and safety of our athletes, making sure everyone involved understands how important each of our athletes is.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment for our athletes that is still fun and encourages confidence and skill growth. Through our competitive and recreational programs, we’ve seen athletes grow in their dance and cheer skills as well as their interpersonal skills. This wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have a safe and nurturing community. Interested in our Hillsborough, NC cheer and dance programs? Talk to us!