A lot of people like to do both cheer and dance. Many places teach both cheer and dance so the athletes have the opportunity to do both. They are similar in many ways. They both involve knowing how to move the body, and they both require some flexibility. The two sports produce extremely fit, agile, and rhythmic individuals. Besides this, they are two completely separate sports and have considerable differences.

The main differences between cheer and dance

  • Body movement: Cheer is much more rigid and has purposely placed movements. Dance involves moving the body with the song. Dance is flowier and interpreted by the dancer, whereas cheer is tight and everyone moves the same.
  • Stunting and tumbling: Cheerleading involves learning how to throw stunts and hold people in the air. Dance rarely has any type of stunts involved. Dance does involve a small amount of tumbling, but cheer involves a heavy amount.
  • Shoes: Dancers wear many different types of shoes. There are ballet slippers, pointe shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballroom shoes, foot paws, etc. Cheerleaders are much more simple. They wear tennis shoes when they perform and practice.
  • Types: In cheerleading, there is recreational cheer, All-Star cheer, and school/collegiate cheer. From there, you can have non-tumbling, co-ed, all-girl, etc. divisions. With dance, it’s divided by the genre of dance being performed. There are endless genres, with the most common being ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip-hop.
  • Technique: Ballet is the foundation for most dance. It’s during ballet you learn to control the body in the movements that look the most effortless. Cheerleading doesn’t involve using ballet, and instead develops its technique through conditioning and stretching.

Both cheer and dance are rigorous sports that require hard work, determination, and teamwork. If your child is having a hard time deciding which one they want to do, come take a couple classes of both at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance. We can help them find their talents and strengths to grow them towards being an exceptional athlete!