When looking for a cheer & dance company, parents want a company that teaches their kid new skills and how to work as a team. Working as a team has shown to help children as they grow into adults. Being a part of a team also provides a sense of belonging and support that all kids can benefit from. Kids want to learn how to do tumbling, stunts, and choreography but they also want to make friends while going to practice and competitions.

Here are some ways Hillsborough Cheer & Dance differs from other companies:

  • Community: We pride ourselves on the community that we have built with coaches, parents, and kids. Through communication, parents stay informed about future practices and competitions. Kids are excited to come to practice and be with their friends. During practices and competitions, spending time together builds friendships and community values.
  • Individualized guidance: When a student wants to master a skill, coaches give their guidance to help them through the steps of the skill as well as build toward mastering it. Small changes here and there can help the student adjust to achieve their goals. With coaches around the gym, support is available to help them with tumbling, stunts, and choreography.
  • Virtual training: During this time of social distancing, our coaches have posted the choreography for kids to stay on track to learning their routines. Also, parents can contact coaches to have them help their kids virtually. With the help of video apps, learning and being with friends is possible.

With kids missing their favorite after school activities, our community, guidance, and training set us apart from other companies. When looking for a company, choose Hillsborough Cheer & Dance and be a part of what we are building for families and their children. Contact us today.