Young children learn differently from adults, which is why at Hillsborough Cheers and Dance, we take a different and very intentional approach to teaching young students to dance. Our instructors use a variety of methods to ensure young students learn while still enjoying themselves during class.

Below are some ways our instructors achieve this:

  • Keep class moving: Providing less opportunity to be bored is incredibly important in teaching young students. Especially in an extracurricular activity. Ensuring students stay moving and focused on what is next increases productivity in class. Instructors at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance are trained to have classes planned so they keep moving. They are also prepared to be flexible with whatever comes up during class. Using the entire space is an important way to keep class and students moving.
  • Engage the students: Whether a student is misbehaving or is nervous in the corner, ensuring every student is engaged is an important aspect of teaching young students to dance. This could mean offering a choice of game or movement, or giving an opportunity to lead an exercise. Hillsborough Cheer and Dance instructors assure that young students stay engaged.
  • Offer positive reinforcement: Focusing on the positive things that are happening in class is very important to keep children from getting discouraged. Repetition is so important when teaching basic movement, so offering this positive reinforcement can help young students from getting bored and losing focus.

Is your young child ready to leap into the world of cheer and dance? We are ready to have them! The benefits of movement are vast. Our highly skilled and trained instructors are ready to make the most of your child’s experience. Contact us today to get started!