At Hillsborough Cheer and Dance, we offer a variety of dance classes for kids, and we will make sure it works for our families’ schedules and budgets while making sure each student is growing in their dancing technique.

Here are the classes we offer:

  • Dance combination classes: Our combination classes allow children to learn many dance skills – tap, ballet and jazz – taught by our trained and skilled instructors while offering our families flexibility in scheduling and pricing. Regardless of competition team participation, our combination classes are designed to improve a child’s skills in many forms of dance. Our combination classes are available to children in the age groups listed below:
    • Ages 2 – 5
    • Ages 5 – 8
    • Ages 8 – 14
    • Ages 15 – 18
  • Ballet only classes: Our ballet classes are offered to children 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 to allow them additional learning specifically for ballet.
  • Competition teams: Students in our competition teams compete at local dance competitions and perform at events. Each dancer is required to take just one class in addition to team practice. Our team will work with interested dancers to place them in the appropriate level based on age and skill.
    • Ages 4 – 6: “DAISY”
    • Ages 6 – 9: “LILY”
    • Ages 9 – 12: “IRIS”
    • Ages 13+: “ROSE”
  • Solo Only: We also offer dancers the option to compete in solo only. Dancers who choose this are required to take at least one dance class per week in addition to one private lesson per week.

All dancers who take the dance classes described above will be featured in our end of the year recital! If your child is ready to pirouette into the world of dance, we are ready to have them! Our highly skilled and trained instructors are ready to make the most of each child’s experience, no matter their age. If you have questions about which classes are right for your child, contact us today!