Cheer Options

  1. Cheer/Tumble Classes: These combination classes are a great way to learn tumbling and cheer skills without a team commitment. However, all students will receive quality training so that if they decide to move on to a team, they will be ready.  Tumbling will be customized to your child’s skill level and abilities.  These combination classes will use the same cheer training equipment as our All Star teams.  Classes start for as young as 2! All of our cheer/tumble students will be featured in our end of year recital!
  1. All Star “ORANGE CRUSH” Competition Teams:
    • ORANGE CRUSH teams will compete on the half-year cheer cycle, at sanctioned events by the USASF (US All Star Federation). Crush members will have one 1.5 hour group practice per week and are encouraged to attend one other Tumble/Cheer Combo class per week.   Our schedule allows our team members to take care of all of these requirements in no more than two days per week!  In fact, our schedule is set up so that it is possible for most team members to have both All Star Cheer practice and competition dance team practice on the same day!  Individual private lessons are available.  Cheer teams will compete at 3 competitions in the first year.  ORANGE CRUSH age group teams are:
      1. Ages 5-8: “MINI CRUSH”: Must be 5 by August 31, 2019. Mini Crush members may “cross over” and compete in both the Mini and Junior divisions, depending on skill level.
      2. Ages 9-14: “JUNIOR CRUSH”: Must be no older than 14 as of August 31, 2019. Junior Crush members at least aged 10 may “cross over” and compete in both the Junior and Senior divisions, depending on skill level.
      3. Ages 15-18: “SENIOR CRUSH”: Must be no older than 18 as of August 31, 2019.

Compare All Star Cheer programs and you will find that our program is the most affordable in the area.  We charge our normal hourly rate for classes, instead of an increased team fee for classes.  Additional fees from Hillsborough Cheer & Dance Company will include a monthly administrative team fee of $20/member.  Each member is required to be a member of USASF, and will have to pay the $30 membership fee, as well as competition and costuming fees, divided out for your student.  However, we do not mark up these costs and strive to keep our All Star team accessible for the most children possible.  We are confident that our All Star program is the most affordable you will find in the area.

EVALUATIONS. For our inaugural year, we will evaluate all interested athletes during their regular team practice time, for the first two weeks.  We will work with all athletes to find the correct placement.  No child will be “cut.”  This team is open to all skill levels – each team will compete on the appropriate level, which can range from beginner to advanced.

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