Do you want to know what classes are going on at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance Company? Check out our schedule!

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SUMMER 2020 Mini Camps:

*Summer 2020 will consist of two sessions of mini camps focused on conditioning and continuing to build cheer and/or dance skills.


4:00pm: Dance Combo 6-8

5:00pm: Beginning Tumble, Cheer/Tumble 7-9; Dance Combo 9+

6:00pm: Cheer/Tumble 10+, Intermediate Tumble


4:00pm: Cheer/Tumble 8-12; Dance Ruby Team

5:00pm: Advanced Tumble, Cheer/Tumble 5-7; Dance Sapphire/Emerald Teams

6:00pm: Cheer/Tumble 2-3; Beginning Tumble 10+; Diamond Dance Team


4:00pm: Cheer/Tumble 10+

5:00pm: Advanced Tumble; Dance Combo 3-5

6:00pm: Beginning Tumble; Ballet 9+




4:30pm: Advanced Tumbling, Cheer/Tumble 7-9, HipHop 8under, Lyrical 9up

5:15pm: HipHop 9up, Jazz 5-8

5:30pm: Beginning Tumble; Boys Tumble

6pm: Dance 8-10 Combo; Dance 5-7 Combo

6:15pm: Cheer/Tumble 10+; Preschool Cheer/Tumble


4:30pm: Beginning Tumble, Cheer/Tumble 5-7, Dance Combo Preschool; Tap 5-8

5:15pm: Cheer/Tumble Preschool; Ballet 5-8, Dance 8-10 Combo

5:30pm: Intermediate Tumble

6pm: Cheer/Tumble 9+; Diamond Dance Team; Lyrical 5-8


4:30pm: Cheer/Tumble Preschool; Emerald Dance Team

5pm: Cheer/Tumble 4-6; Dance Combo 5-7

5:15pm: Cheer/Tumble 8-10

6pm: Junior Cheer Team; Dance Combo Preschool

6:30pm: Dance Combo 11+


4:30pm: Intermediate Tumble; Ruby Dance Team; Tap 9up

5pm: Advanced Tumble

5:15pm: Jazz 9up

5:30pm: Youth Cheer Team

6pm: Cheer/Tumble 5-7; Diamond Dance Team, Ballet 9up