Do you want to know what classes are going on at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance Company? Check out our schedule!


5pm: 6-7 Cheer/Tumble; 4-5 Cheer/Tumble Combo; 9up Dance Combo

6pm: 9up Cheer/Tumble Combo; 7-8 Cheer/Tumble Combo; 3-5 Dance Combo

7pm: Adult Aerobics; 13up Dance Combo


4pm: 5-8 Dance Combo

5pm: 5-8 Cheer/Tumble Combo; 2-3 Cheer/Tumble Combo

6pm: Boys Tumbling; Advanced Tumbling; Ballet 5-8


5pm: Mini Crush Cheer Team (ages 5-8); Dance Team 9-12

6:30pm: Junior Crush Cheer Team (ages 9-14); Ballet 9up

*Small group jazz/hiphop times vary