Whether you’re an adult looking for a fun hobby, or a mom looking to get your child on a competitive dance team, at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance we have the class for you. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of classes for dancers of all ages and levels. This includes a variety of classes perfect for those just starting out on their dance journey.

Our top 5 recommendations for top classes to start out with Hillsborough Cheer and Dance are:

Combination Classes: This class is perfect for your child who might be just starting off and wanting to learn the basics of cheer and tumble. Not only does this class provide the foundations for your child to later join a team, but they will also participate in our end of year recital.

Dance Combination Classes: If you are looking for a fun low stress class for your child, this is it. There is never a dull moment in our dance combination classes, as your child will have the chance to learn tap, ballet, and jazz. Each class is designed with your child and walt ballroom class. Offered Monday from 8-8:45pm we’ll have you waltzing and tangoing in no time.

Clogging: This folk-dance inspired technique is one of the studio favorites! This class is offered every Tuesday from 7-8pm and we honestly can’t think of a more enjoyable workout for the end of the day.

Couples Adult Ballroom: Looking for a fun, no stress date idea? Then bring your partner and come out to our adults’ classes.

Don’t see a class of interest to you? Contact us today, or check our age guide in which a line or group of dancers with rhythmic tapping of their clogs.

We have a variety more dance classes available than just the options above; so, don’t hesitate to view more of our class offerings. Seasoned dancer looking to join a team, we also offer dance and cheer team opportunities!