Cheering and dancing are forms of exercise that can boost one’s mood. Hillsborough Cheer & Dance knows that many are looking for positive mental health outlets for their kids and teens during these tough times. We have put together the various ways cheer and dance help to promote mental health during these tough times.

3 ways cheer and dance promotes mental health: 

  1. Practicing is exercising: Setting a time to exercise and sticking to it helps to build a routine. This is how our cheer and dance company is fundamental to building kids’ and teens’ routine. Routines help to build stability and predictability in one’s mind, which is helpful to have something to look forward to and accomplish. When there is something scheduled to look forward to, the tough times are not as tough.
  2. Showing enthusiasm: When practicing cheers, kids and teens smile, enunciate, and shout. Smiling throughout practice can make the brain feel happiness. Also, being passionate about cheering and dancing, means that they are doing what makes them happy. Shouting also helps to release cooped up energy from being quiet in the house (potentially while parents are working from home). Going outside and practicing the lyrics to the cheers is a great way to let out some energy.
  3. Listening and moving to music: Music helps to improve mood. The beats per minute in a song coincide with the type of dance routine. Most cheer competition routines have a mashup of songs with higher levels of beats per minute to build excitement and intensity with the crowd. Listening to the competition music or practicing a dance routine with the music can positively impact a kid’s day.

If you think your child could benefit from cheer and dance, contact Hillsborough Cheer & Dance today. We enjoy being a positive outlet for kids and teens to be their best selves.