Did you think about signing your kid up for dance or cheer, but the prices made you wary? The class fees, general tuition, competition fees, paying for the costumes/uniforms, any shoes your child might need, clothes just to wear to class… the list goes on.

Our team at Hillsborough Cheer and Dance know that this is an investment, but the long-run benefits of getting a child into cheer or dance are astronomical.

4 reasons why the cost of cheer and dance is well worth it are:

1) Extracurricular: Any extracurricular activity a child is involved with will help keep them out of places they shouldn’t be and get them to the places you want them to be. The amount of time and dedication involved in cheer and dance helps hinder a child from going down the wrong path. Attending lessons/ practice becomes an exciting activity as well because the children become very close. Also, extracurriculars look great on college and job applications.

2) Hard Work and Dedication: Cheer nor dance are activities that a person could randomly pick up and be great at. They require extremely hard work, dedication, and technique. Instilling this mindset into a child shows that you really have to work hard to see the success you want, but it can be done in a fun, positive way.

3) Social Skills: Cheer and dance bring children extremely close together. The bonds made between the children, moms, and teachers/coaches become family-like. The kids also come from many different areas, so it opens them to other people they might not have met just from school. The younger girls even look up to the older ones as role models.

4) Exercise: Obesity is a huge concern throughout the US. When a child has cheer or dance practice, they attend almost every day, the number of calories burned, and muscle gained is through-the-roof. Dance and cheer promote a very active and healthy lifestyle by constantly moving your body in ways one never thinks about.

Cheer and dance expose children to so many social and confidence-building obstacles that reap benefits. The life-lessons you learn show throughout your entire life.

At Hillsborough Cheer and Dance, we value guiding your child on a path of dedication and hard work, but also of one where they will look back and think of all the great memories. To learn more about our programs, classes, and teams, visit our services page now.